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"I really like green eggs and ham,
I do , I like them Sam-I-Am,
And I would be so very grateful
If I had another plateful."

"Sorry, that's it for today,"
Said Sam, as he put down his tray.
"You've eaten up my whole supply.
There's no more ham and eggs to try."

"Oh Sam-I-Am," he cried, "don't say
I can't have ham and eggs today.
What can I do if I want more?
Can I go buy them at the store?

Should I go seek a big green hen?
Or try to find a green pig pen?"
"No, no," said Sam, "I have to say
That isn't how they get that way.

No chicken that I've ever seen
Has hatched out of an egg that's green.
And there's no pig pen that I know
Where cute green little piglets grow.

And I will tell you one thing more
You cannot buy them in a store
Not on a supermarket shelf
You see, I make them all myself.

I specialize in strange cuisine
And so I built a big machine
I use it almost every day
At Sam-I-Am's Green Egg Cafe.

It's called an egg -and -ham-u-la-tor
There's nothing anywhere that's greater
If you want your meal turned green
Than my miraculous machine."

"So that's your secret, Sam-I -Am,
For making great green eggs and ham.
Where can I get one for my own?
I'll order it by telephone."

"Why you can build one, too," said Sam,
And make your own green eggs and ham.
The egg-and- ham-u-la-tor's fun
And I will tell you how it's done.

But first, before you can proceed
You'll have to find the parts you need.
You will not find them in a book.
The World Wide Web is where to look.

And when you've gathered all the parts
The Egg-and-Ham-ulator starts!
Thank Living Books for this machine,
And Family PC Magazine."

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